Electronic Picnic

in collaboration with Petra Farinha, Chris Cerrito and Tymm Twillman

A picnic-based workshop/experiment in which participants are invited to bring inexpensive, old, or discarded (but working!) battery powered electronic components to hack and create an interactive project. The first picnic was held at Washington Square Park as part of Conflux City 2009.

Based on the social characteristics of a picnic, the goal of this workshop is to bring people together for an afternoon of food and knowledge sharing, while hopefully creating new interactive devices out of hacked everyday electronic items. Contributors will be forced to use their own creativity in working within the constraints of the Electronic Picnic, including having to build electronics in an unconventional setting, incorporating unknown components into the project, while having limited access to additional parts and materials (and electricity!).

No prior experience with electronics is necessary, as participants are loosely guided in how to hack, recycle, transform, and combine their old devices into something new and unusual. The result of the workshop -picnic is driven by the type of electronic devices brought by each team member, the materials and tools brought by the workshop leaders, and what can be found locally.

This workshop can accommodate a maximum of two groups of six participants.