CASCADA is a 20m tall digital waterfall that wants to play with you. The more you interact with it, the more colourful and animated it becomes! Developed over 8 months and launched in Nov 2011 in Quito, Ecuador - CASCADA is a real-time generated waterfall that responds with plausible liquid physics to your presence. As you play in its flow, the liquid flows around your silhouette and colour and animation flood the impressive bespoke screen. The simple vision was to capture the beauty and awe of a real waterfall and make CASCADA unique, manifesting itself in endless forms, shapes and refreshing colours. Credits Production company: Nexus Interactive Arts Director: Davide Quayola Technical Director: Memo Akten Liquid Simulation: Matt Swoboda Executive Producer: Cedric Gairard Creative Director: Chris O’Reilly Account Director: Carolina Vallejo Lead Interactive Producer: Ulla Winkler Documentation/Digital Producer: Tim Dillon Event / AV Production Co: Induvallas Editor: David Slade / Steve McInerney On site filming: David Holguin / Paul Gallegos System Support: Jelani John Production Assistant: Fernanda Garcia Lopez Nexus IT Support: Patrick Hearn Interactive Sound Design: MOST / Vauxlab Composers: Ivo Witteveen & Diederik Idenburg Vauxlab Audio software: Thijs Koerselman Coca-Cola Latin America: CE Director: Guido Rosales Marketing Director: Miguel Moreno Toscano Senior Design Manager: Raphael Abreu Senior Marketing Manager: Pierangela Sierra Brand Manager: Emilia Villamarin